Name Education
Chairman William Shih-Hsiao PENG Master, Columbia University, USA
President James S.C. TAI University of Strathclyde Glasgow, United Kingdom

Naval Architecture, National Taiwan Ocean University

Executive Vice President Mei Char-Lie Master of Shipping and Transportation Management, National Taiwan Ocean University

Senior Vice President

Telvin JU Ph.D. Department Chemistry, University of Miami, Florida, USA

Vice President

David HSU

Master of Transportation Management ,University of Maryland

Assistant Vice President

Shipping Division

Dino S. J. CHUU

Doctor Engineer, Institute of Auxiliary Machine & Automation Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH)

Master of Shipbuilding, National Taiwan University

Assistant Vice President

 Shipping Business Division

James TARNG Master of Business Administration, McMaster University

Assistant Vice President

Finance Division

Derry SUN

MSc in Finance and Economics, University of Southampton, UK

Assistant Vice President

IT Division

Philip PENG

Master of Industrial Engineering, Texas Tech University

Master of Information Management, Texas A&M University