Our commitment to act with integrity, honesty, and responsibility towards our people, the community, and our environment is central to everything we do. CMT is thoroughly committed to sustainable, ethical and responsible conduct. To achieve this vision, we uphold the highest standards of safety for our personnel, continuously strive to mitigate climate change and optimize environmental regulations and compliance mandates, while giving back to our community with sustainable development. Moving forward, we will demonstrate the values we prioritize by putting our people and community and the heart of our company while committing to reducing emissions in all aspects of our operations.

Our Environment

In our industry, the major environmental factor at hand is the consumption of non-renewable fossil fuels that serve as a key player in the degradation of our environment. CMT prioritizes the continuous adoption of technologies, upgrades, and policies that protect the environment by reducing fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, such as in the use of low sulfite fuels. We also ensure we are fully compliant with all relevant international and domestic regulations in the areas of pollution prevention, recycling, and emissions control while monitoring and enhancing operational efficiency and design concepts for next generation bulk carriers and tractors.

Our People

Our employees, partners, and all relevant stakeholders are our utmost priority. We employ meticulous guidelines, procedures and precautionary measures, as well as mandate that all our employees go through extensive employee training programs to ensure the safety of our personnel at all times.

Our Business

Everything we do first originates from the understanding of the challenges, needs, and goals of our partners, employees, and suppliers. We continuously innovate and expand our services so that in changing times, we can meet the changing needs of businesses and stakeholders.

Our Community

Our business would not be able to thrive without the support of our communities. We give back by committing to conduct our business in a fair, ethical, and responsible manner, driving international trade and enabling sustainable supply chains while continuing to ensure the integration of social, economic, and environmental dimensions in all our business activities in Taiwan and around the globe.