As an integrated transportation and logistics provider, environmental protection has always been our principal focus. In addition to complying with international and domestic regulations in the areas of pollution prevention, recycling, and emission control, CMT is also actively involved in monitoring and enhancing operational efficiency and design concepts of next generation bulk carriers and tractors.

Going forward, we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint so that going green is not just a slogan but a perpetual dedication to reduce emissions through technology and people.


Whether at sea or on the road, our success predicated on the safety of our ships, trucks and other equipment. CMT has established stringent guidelines and standard operating procedures in accordance with relevant conventions, Class Societies, and governing authorities to safeguard the environment, cargo interests, and our frontline team members.


We strive to improve our efficiency and the ongoing development of information technology within CMT is a priority in optimizing real-time communication with our ships at sea and trucks. Utilizing cutting-edge technologies for maritime and logistics that grant real time data access and analysis, we are able to impose top standards of operational safety and efficiency Whether it’s a platform to access global weather for routing or a GPS system that tracks every truck, we build our success on the commitment to enhance seamless data collection and information exchange.