Introduction about CMT

Chinese Maritime Transport Ltd. (CMT) and its subsidiaries operate bulk carriers and inland container transportation and terminals. We are a reliable partner in the global commodities supply chain for major international traders and miners as well as landside container service providers to global shipping lines. With full efficiency, expertise, reliability, superior customer service, and a commitment to community and environment, CMT provides an extensive range of transport solutions.

Listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (2612.TT) in 1994, CMT owns and operates a fleet of Capesize bulk fleet through Singapore and Hong Kong subsidiaries. It also operates one of the largest container trucking services in Taiwan. Through subsidiary CMT Logistics Ltd. and affiliate Associated International Inc., the company manages several inland container terminals in Taiwan

Our commitment to innovation, digitization, and sustainability has made CMT an indispensable partner in supporting our clients meet their business needs.


Founded by Mr. C.Y. Tung in Shanghai in 1946, Chinese Maritime Transport moved to Taiwan in 1949 and quickly emerged as a key player in its group, with a fleet of general cargo ships, bulk carriers, container vessels, and passenger ships. It is now part of a group founded by Chairman John Y.K. Peng in the early 1970s in Taiwan. The group began with fertilizer trading, and grew into several businesses focused on serving the marine container industries with operations in container trucking, terminals, and manufacturing. During the rapid growth phase of containerization in the 1970s, CMT built container ships and operated port terminals in Taiwan to support Orient Overseas Container Line’s (OOCL) newly established container services. As its exclusive general agent in Taiwan, CMT handled all OOCL sales and operations on the island until 2000.

Since the 1980s, CMT has expanded through the mergers of the container trucking and container terminals as well as new acquisitions. In 1990s, it expanded into ship owning, technology enterprises, and other investments. In shipping, the core focus is on bulk, particularly in Capesize fleet ship-owning. We expect to continue to expand under our experienced and dedicated management team and remain committed to the partnerships we have developed in helping customers create promising new horizons.

1947 Tien Loong
Shanghai to Le Havre
1948 Tung Ping
Shanghai to San Francisco
1962 Ru Yung, Maiden Voyage
Keelung to New York
1972 Associated Transport trucks
circa 1972
1979 China Container Launching