Chinese Maritime Transport operates its container trucking business through Associated Transport Inc. (ATI).

Associated Transport is ISO90001:2008 certified, meeting international quality management standards and utilizes the latest, most innovative technologies, such as GPS satellite positioning tracking each truck’s location and estimated time of arrival, wireless transmission and app technology. This enables our trucks to function more efficiently with further reduced fuel consumption meeting the most stringent carbon emission standards and ensure the safety of our drivers and cargo. In addition to the tracking technology, we have adopted an aggressive fleet modernization program converting the trucks to “eco-vehicles.” New tractors are equipped with BlueTec technology to further protect the environment by decreased fuel consumption and reducing NOx and particular emissions as part of our consistent commitment to corporate social responsibility of de-carbonization and digitization.

The Inland Trucking Division, on the other hand, manages container depots where customers can have their containers stored, cleaned and repaired, and under CMT Logistics – operate container terminals in Taiwan that offer full container consolidation and logistics services. This fully integrated network and fleet results in remarkable flexibility, maximum customer choice, and efficacy that can satisfy our global partners’ extensive logistics needs throughout Taiwan.


Long and short haul container drayage

Coordinating with customers’ CFS/CY operation

Service depots and fully-owned container yards around Taiwan

Offering of empty-container storage, cleaning, repair, andother logistic support

Shipside/dock and port container trans-loading

Door to Door delivery services

Fully computerized services for customers to get real-time information on the status of their containers

C-TPAT “Container and Seal Inspection

Fleet and Equipments

CMT owns a large numbers of modern tractors and semi-tractors in Taiwan.

CMT’s fleet can handle ISO standard containers and oversized cargoes Genset-equipped trailer trucks suitable to handle long-haul reefer containers.

Large subcontracted fleet to deal with any container transport requirement.

Information Technology

Promote e-commerce by exchanging data directly with containers terminals and shipping lines
Develop data Exchange System for customers to get real-time information, place orders, and track status of their containers
CMT’s computerized network enables customers and subcontracted fleet to utilize e-commerce in order to improve efficiency

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